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These are the materials I used to research season one.  I have an affiliate account set up with Amazon, so if you would like to buy one of these books, and support the podcast at the same time, click on the pictures below. 

Johnny Ramone's posthumous memoir.  This was the most fun book to read of the lot.  He's brash and he's honest.  Invaluable insight into the no nonsense driving force that was Johnny Ramone. 

Dee Dee's autobiography.  Take a look into the tortured soul that was Dee Dee Ramone.  It's funny and it's tragic.

Marky Ramone's autobiography.  Marky had the most historical perspective of any Ramone, as far as understanding the groups impact and significance.  In addition to the Ramones, he also played in the early metal band Dust, and the seminal punk band Richard Hell and The Voidoids.  Lot's of great rock n roll stories.  

Joey Ramone's brother Mickey Leigh wrote this great memoir about Joey and their tumultuous relationship.  Mickey was also an early Ramones roadie, and has lots of insider info.  

Everett True has written the most comprehensive single volume Ramones history.  True is a journalist and fan who interviewed the Ramones and people around them many times.  Lot's of great quotes. 

This is a wonderful aural history put together by Ramones tour manager Monte Melnick.  It has great photos, and a lot of insider info from members of the Ramones, their road crew, and others who worked with the band.

This is the definitive aural history of the first punk scene, and everything that led up to it told by the people who were there.  Lots of stories about Iggy and the Stooges, MC5, Velvet Underground, New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, Ramones and much more.  

Everything you've ever wanted to know and more about the Sex Pistols can be found in this 600 page book. 

A great history of the folk music scene in New York.  This was used very heavily in the first episode.  

Detailed account of the life of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground.  

Awesome history of Max's Kansas City, the hang out for Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, Danny Fields and countless others.  Max's also became a legendary music venue.  Many great rock tales in this book.  

Seymour Stein founded Sire records, signed the Ramones, Dead Boys, Talking Heads, Madonna, Ice-T and many more.  He was a music fan and businessman who led an interesting life.  This is his story in his own words.  


All of these movies were used as sources in season 1.  Click on the image to watch or buy.

This is a wonderful documentary about Danny Fields!  The guy who hung out with Andy Worhal, did PR for the Doors, signed The Stooges and The MC5 and managed the Ramones.

Allan Arkush's cult movies masterpiece staring The Ramones!  Roger Corman produced.

The definite Ramones documentary.  Their story told by people who were there, condensed to an hour and a half.  

This Documentary tells the story of the Sex Pistols from the perspective of the band members.  

Excellent documentary on Iggy and The Stooges.  Directed by Jim Jarmusch.

This great documentary looks at the life and career of Johnny Thunders.  Lot's of good information about the New York Dolls as well.

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