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Since then, my obsession with rock n' roll has only grown.  After listening to the many great music history podcasts that already exist, I felt inspired to make my own - the way I want to do it.  Guitars & Stolen Cars - Renegade Rock N' Roll History, is what I came up with.  I made it for other people who are as obsessed as I am, but I also hope it can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to nerd out, hear some good stores, and, well rock n' roll! 

I'm picking one topic per season, and doing deep dive, looking at the music, the history, and the world surrounding the musicians.  I pay meticulous attention to the detail, and try to get to the truth - or the next best thing.  To me, rock n' roll is the ultimate renegade art form.  It's the music of weirdos, outcasts, misfits, and outlaws.  But it also has the power to appeal to anyone, from any walk of life, and be inspiring and meaningful.  If you have the ability, please consider becoming a patron.  I hope you like the podcast and thanks for checking it out!  

I also play guitar in the punk band Sabertooth Rockers, and the ghoulish rock group Isaac Rother & The Phantoms.  Keep Rockin'! 


My name is Harley Isaac Rother .  When I was in kindergarten, the teacher assigned every student to bring in a song for the whole class to listen to.  I chose Wipe-Out by the Safaris.  I was very proud of my selection, and also very excited to hear the awesome rock n' roll songs I knew my classmates would be bringing in.  I was shocked, and horrified to discover that I was the only one who brought in a rock n' roll song.

Harley Isaac Rother 

Subversive, Podcaster, Guitar Player, Nerd

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